Friday, January 14, 2011

Looks for Spring

Spring is almost in the air! It's still freezing in Abu Dhabi, about 60ish degrees F (laugh all you want but that's pretty darn cold here). I've been doing homework for 2 hours and felt that I needed a quick break, and nothing says break like making a post. 

70s and 80s glamour has taken over the runways of Spring 2011 Fashion Week. The big hair, bell bottoms, and cat eye sunglasses, not to mention "belt purses" which is a stylish code name for fanny pack. Skinny jeans are so common nowadays, it is no longer a fashion statement. But if you're not into bell bottoms like me, just go for the wide leg pants/trousers/jeans that make you look taller. 

wide legged sailor pants
Christian Dior 

Marc Jacobs  
70s Glamor 

When wearing wide legged pants don't get a pair that are too baggy, or else they will devour your frame. Especially with wide leg jeans, try and get a straight type leg. These pants are best pulled off with killer heels. 

I'm in love with fusion of 70s glam on the runways (or just 70s all the way!) 

Proenza Schouler Spring 2011
Modern 70s glamor. 

Dries Van Noten casual 60s
Dries van Noten 
I love the jacket with the fullness of the skirt. 

60s full skirt
 Louis Vuitton 

These dresses blew me away:

Zac Posen

And lastly hair! I've had short hair since 9th grade. All the years before that I had long locks. The reason why I cut it was stupid and I regret it, and now I'm trying to grow it back. With all my failed attempts though, it's still short haha. Now I'm committed to growing it. I haven't cut it in about five months and it's grown about 3.5 inches! I'm hoping for it to look this T.H model or N.R model (both from Spring Fashion Week 2011)

Tommy Hilfiger

Narciso Rodriguez

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