Sunday, January 16, 2011

More of Vigan

These are just a couple more pictures from when we went to Vigan, Philippines last month. It was a beautiful busy town. We went to Baluarte, which is this governor's zoo. It was cute. As you walked in you were welcomed by birds of various species, and then to the left there was a father and son giving a miniature pony a bath! Super cute :) During the day we rode around in these carriages and the tourer directed us to there different historical sites. 

Church that was across the street. Right in front were the carriages (if you can see them)

One of the birds that was in front of the Baluarte Zoo. I was surprised how they didn't fly away; this specific bird didn't have a rope around it's leg. 

Father and son bathing the miniature pony!

White peacock with another bird

Another church

A cute purple truck I saw while in the cart:)

This guy makes pottery for a living! He uses a his leg to push the swirling thing (no idea what the name is). As you can imagine, his right calve if huge!

His pottery for the DAY

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